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Browning BLR Lightweight Pistol Grip .30-06 Spr. 22"

SKU: Browning034009126
Browning BLR Lightweight Pistol Grip .30-06 Spr. 22" More details...
Price: $919.00
List Price: $1,069.00
You Save: $150.00
Browning BLR Lightweight Pistol Grip .30-06 Spr. 22
Product Details
Factory Catalog Number: 034009126

Browning BLR Lightweight '81 .30-06 Springfield with Pistol Grip Stock

With a timeless beauty that's more than skin deep, the BLR Lightweight is ready and waiting to be your next lever-action hunting rifle. The gloss finish on the walnut stock contrasts beautifully with the deeply polished blue finish on the receiver and the barrel. The detachable box magazine allows it to be chambered for modern hunting calibers and it's tapped for scope mounts to take full advantage of it's range and accuracy. This is what a serious lever-action rifle should be, and what every other lever-action wishes it was.

Short Action. Long Action. Ready for Any Action.
As a rule, lever-action aficionados have always had to trade away power and accuracy for quick handling and easy carrying. With the Browning BLR those compromises are a thing of the past. The design of the BLR is as modern as tomorrow with an aircraft-grade alloy receiver, glass-smooth rack and pinion system and multi-lug rotating bolt that handles many of the most popular magnum cartridges, includes the fast new WSMs. The exceptional accuracy of the BLR comes from its precision machined, button-rifled barrel that puts those fast-stepping magnum bullets exactly where they're wanted. Add in the advantages of several great stock designs and finishes, a detachable box magazine, low profile adjustable sights and a wide, grooved trigger that travels with the lever to avoid pinching fingers and it's clear the Browning BLR is ready for any action.

You are never limited to flat nose bullets. Most lever-action rifles suffer from accuracy problems caused by the limitations of the flat-nosed ammunition for which they are chambered. Not the Browning BLR. The BLR utilizes a reliable box magazine that protects bullet tips and allows it to fire powerful game-dropping magnum cartridges. An extremely smooth rack and pinion-driven bolt locks tight to the barrel and gives the BLR the kind of superior accuracy that rivals many bolt-actions.

  • The button-rifled barrel is triple-checked for straightness and interior finish and then air-gauged to ensure a consistent diameter throughout the bore's length.
  • Every BLR barrel is individually finished with a hand-reamed chamber for tighter tolerances and more precise headspace.
  • The barrel's target-type crown enables a more uniform release of gas as the bullet exits the muzzle, helping prevent any unwanted shift in bullet trajectory. The barrel crown is recessed to help protect it from accidental impact damage that can degrade accuracy.
  • The barrel's standard sights include a Low-Profile adjustable square notch rear sight and a high-visibility front blade with gold bead fitted on a raised ramp-style base.
  • The richly blued steel finish on all external surfaces is a stunning reflection of the gunmaker's art.
  • The aircraft grade alloy receiver is precision machined to provide outstanding reliability and years of dependable service.
  • the slick-sided receiver houses the BLR's Lightning fast, glass-smooth rack and pinion lever action.
  • The BLR has a rotating multi-lug bolt head that locks into the barrel extension to produce bolt-action accuracy and magnum-level strength.
  • The BLR is one of the few lever-action rifles designed that is strong enough to use today's most popular magnum cartridges, giving you the extended reach and flat bullet trajectory other lever-action owners can only dream of.
  • The BLR has a recessed bolt face that surrounds the cartridge head for added strength and lasting dependability.
  • The BLR's generously-sized side ejection port allows fired cases to instantly clear the action without hitting you or your scope and bouncing back onto the receiver, potentially creating a jam.
  • The folding hammer on the BLR provides an added measure of safety when the hammer is at half-cock, having two positions in that mode so the status of the rifle can be instantly seen and felt.
  • The folding hammer four basic position; Full-cock, half-cock, folded hammer position and the dropped or fired position.
  • The BLR's trigger is unique in that it travels along with the lever as it's cycled, meaning that pinch your fingers between the lever and trigger on closing the action is a thing of the past.
  • The fingerpiece on the BLR's trigger is nice and wide with vertical friction ribs to prevent your finger from slipping, giving you more precise trigger control for those demanding long-range shots.
  • The detachable steel box magazine makes for quick reloading, both in the field and on the range.
  • Unlike lever actions with tubular magazines, the BLR's detachable steel box magazine lets you use aerodynamically-superior pointed bullets, which opens up a whole new world of ballistic performance that is usually found in bolt-action and autoloading rifles.
  • Magazine capacity is 3 rounds in the magnum calibers and 4 rounds in standard calibers.
  • The BLR's stock is sculpted from fine walnut and the cut hceckering in the grip and forend is crisply executed for lasting good looks and a more solid grip.
  • The pistol grip BLR stock is contoured for maximum comfort and flared Schnabel forend tip adds a classic touch of style.
  • The BLR's stock has a deep, glossy finish that brings out every nuance of the wood's warm color and grain.
  • The well-formed recoil pad helps reduce felt recoil and flinching.
  • Steel sling swivel studs are pre-installed for easy mounting of your sling or bipod.

Factory Catalog Number: 034009126
Model: BLR Lightweight '81 Pistol Grip Stock
Caliber: .30-06 Springfield
Barrel Length: 22"
Overall Length: 43"
Length of Pull: 14.25
Drop at Comb: 7/8"
Drop at Heel: 1-5/8"
Nominal Weight: 7 pounds, 4 ounces
Magazine Capacity: 4
Sight Radius: 19-3/4"
Twist Rate: 1 in 10"
Barrel Finish: Gloss
Stock Finish: Gloss
Wood Grade: Grade I
Receiver Finish: Polished Black
Chamber Finish: Polished
Front Sight: Brass Bead
Rear Sight: Fully Adjustable
Barrel Material: Steel
Barrel Contour: Sporter
Stock Material: Walnut
Recoil Pad: Polymer
Checkering: Cut 18 LPI
Sling Swivel Studs: Gloss Blue
Receiver Material: Alloy
Trigger Finish: Gold Plated
Magazine type: Detachable
Trigger Material: Alloy
Trigger Guard Material: Steel
Trigger Guard Engraving: Buck Mark in Gold
Drilled and Tapped for Scope: Yes

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