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Bianchi 105 Minimalist Hip Holster for 1911, Browning Hi Power, etc.

SKU: Bianchi19256
Bianchi 105 Minimalist Hip Holster for 1911, Browning Hi Power, etc. More details...
Price: $54.99
Bianchi 105 Minimalist Hip Holster for 1911, Browning Hi Power, etc.
Product Details
Factory Catalog Number: 19256

The Minimalist holster is a compact, open-top design that is ideal for daily wear and is constructed of premium full grain leather. An elastic loop firearm retainer tab wraps over the hammer to provide secure retention. The belt slide offers a low-profile look as the dual belt loop offers stability and pull the holster close to the body for optimum concealment. This holster is suede lined and features border stitching. It fits belts up to 1.75" (45mm) in width.

  • A compact, open-top, belt slide design
  • Available in full grain leather, Plain Tan finish
  • Elastic loops handgun retainer tab
  • Fits belt width up to 1.75" (45mm)
  • Slots designed to pull firearm in close to the hips
  • Suede lining


Finish: Plain

Carry: Stongside

Holster designed to fit the following firearms:

Bersa: Thunder, Thunder Conceal Carry, Thunder Super

Browning: Hi Power 9mm/.40 S&W

Colt: 1911A1, Commander, Officer's ACP

CZ: 75 Compact

Kahr Arms: K40, K9, MK40 Covert, MK9, P9

KelTec: P-11

Kimber: Custom, Pro, Ultra sizes

Para-Ordnance: P12-45

Smith & Wesson: SW1911, SW380

Springfield Armory: 1911, XD-9, XD-40, XD-357

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